I was lucky to be born into a family in Indiana where food was important, with a German Mennonite grandmother who cooked like a dream. And to my good fortune, she passed many of her amazing skills along to me.

Then, when I was 22, I married into a huge Italian family and I was fortunate to have a mother-in-law who was known for her delicious cuisine and her ability to entertain with style and flare. She was also a very generous woman and cheerfully shared all she knew with me over the years.

The food I know best is both German Pennsylvania Dutch, Midwestern farm fare and both Sicilian and Neapolitan cuisine, but this site will be about all kinds of foods with lots of cooking tips.

I will include the recipes and celebrations I am familiar with and similar ones that I will curate for you from around the web.

These are the memories I will try to capture with this site in the hope that I can pass on the feelings of warmth and close family moments that can be created around the dinner table.

When I’m old, those will be the memories I cherish the most.