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Best rice cooker for sticky rice

Sticky rice - a classic dish from South East Asia
Sticky rice – a classic dish from South East Asia

Sticky rice is a personal pleasure for many of us during mealtimes, and an essential part of many types of traditional Asian dishes. There are special types of rice that are especially suitable for making sticky rice, but there are also certain methods and tools for cooking that will produce the very best results. Rice cookers are in so many homes across the world for good reason, and the right one will greatly help you make delicious sticky rice.

Being able to cook the perfect sticky rice (aka glutinous rice) needs the right kind of rice, but also the right kind of technique. Certain rice cookers are perfect for this, but there is more to it than just overcooking your normal rice recipe with extra water.

Buying a rice cooker that is suitable for sticky rice can have some complications. There are so many different models of rice cookers available, so how do you know which one is right for your needs?

Not to worry though, we’ve put in the research and will help explain the different features of rice cookers and what makes them right for cooking sticky rice. We also have a few recommendations for the best models available, with top reviews and at an affordable price.

What should I look for in a rice cooker for sticky rice?

A rice cooker will add authenticity to Asian food
A rice cooker will add authenticity to Asian food

There are a lot of different rice cookers out there. They vary from the most basic and cheap options, to very advanced machines with robotics and electronic sensors. The prices vary associated with these factors, but the good news is even an affordable option will cook your sticky rice without too much difficulty.

There are rice cookers available that serve multiple purposes as a pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker and more, but most of that is unnecessary and sometimes simpler options are better. The best rice cookers for sticky rice are usually the more basic types. To make things easier and to provide the very best results, it’s better to look for fairly standard rice cookers that have a specific setting for sticky rice.

Why should I buy a rice cooker for making sticky rice?

Sure you can cook sticky rice in any old rice cooker or steamer, or even in the right kind of pot with an attachment, but it won’t be the same. The best sticky rice, with the least amount of effort and mess, will come from a suitable rice cooker.

Sticky rice is a delicious accompaniment to just about any meal, especially those dishes from the South Eastern countries of Asia. Delicious fluffy and sticky/sweet rice is also used for making sushi and similar dishes from Japan, Korea and China, so your rice cooker for sticky rice will get a lot of use. They also cook other types of rice to perfection, from basmati to brown rice.

If you’re searching for that perfect rice cooker for fragrant jasmine rice—look no further!

Panasonic SR-DF181 8 Pre-Program Rice Cooker

Panasonic 10 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker with Fuzzy Logic and One-Touch Cooking for Brown Rice, White Rice, and Porridge or Soup – 1.8 Liter – SR-DF181 (White) Panasonic has produced a fantastic eight cup rice cooker with “Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology.” This computer chip will automatically adjust cooking times and power levels to help create the perfect results.

Buyers say that the sticky rice function works very well, as it comes out closer to the traditional, steamed Thai sticky rice than most rice cookers. Especially with sticky rice, you really don’t want random hard grains or browned patches around the edges of your rice.

See the Panasonic SR-DE103 Fuzzy Logic 8 Pre-Program Rice Cooker at Amazon

The timer function is a fantastic feature and lets buyers set their rice to be ready exactly when they want. One problem though is that this model does not function very well if you are only cooking a small amount, such as half a cup of rice. By the time you’ve tried this machine’s wonderful rice a few times though, half a cup of rice won’t be enough anymore, even for one person!

VitaClay VM7900-8 Smart Organic Multi-Cooker/Rice Cooker

VitaClay VM7900-8 Smart Organic Multi-Cooker- A Rice Cooker, A Slow Cooker, A Digital Steamer plus a bonus Yogurt Maker, 8 Cup / 4.2-Quart This award-winning multi-purpose rice cooker will also work as a slow cooker, steamer and yoghurt maker with its 7 different functions. Unlike aluminium, stainless steel or coated pots, the natural Zisha clay will not leech any chemicals and won’t let food stick. 

Clay is naturally thermal and allows heat and moisture to circulate during cooking, so it is perfect for making sticky rice. The uniform cooking will also help cook many foods much quicker.

See the VitaClay VM7900-8 Smart Organic Multi-Cooker/Rice Cooker at Amazon

Buyers love the programmable timer settings which are a fantastic feature. However, because this is a natural clay product there is a possibility that the pot will crack. This is part of using a product like this, and the benefits of using a clay pot are worth the risk of purchasing a product that might need replacing.  If you’re looking for a nice, natural and multi-purpose rice cooker that will make fantastic sticky rice, this model is a great option.

Best rice cooker for sticky rice

Sticky rice, that delicious dish from South East Asia that goes with just about any meal, can be taken to another level if you use a good quality rice cooker. Not all rice cookers are made evenly though, and for the best results you need one designed with a  sticky rice feature. Our pick for the best rice cooker for sticky rice is the Panasonic SR-DE103 Fuzzy Logic 8 Pre-Program Rice Cooker. Its great design and top quality features are great, and reviews show that it cooks sticky rice to perfection. For an affordable way to make the perfect side dish to your meals, the Panasonic SR-DE103 is a great option. Bon appetit!

Did you know that you can prepare oatmeal with a rice cooker? Check out my recommendations on the best model for the job!

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