Can You Put Wood in an Air Fryer?

The question of whether you can put wood in an air fryer is intriguing and might arise from various culinary experiments, such as attempting to impart smoky flavors to food. However, it’s important to understand the implications and safety concerns of introducing wood into an air fryer’s cooking environment.

Safety and Practicality Concerns

  • Fire Hazard: Wood is a combustible material. Air fryers operate at high temperatures, typically ranging from 175°F to 400°F (about 80°C to 205°C). Introducing wood to such conditions poses a significant fire risk, especially given the air fryer’s internal fan, which can further exacerbate the potential for flames.
  • Damage to the Appliance: Even if combustion does not occur, placing wood inside an air fryer can damage the appliance. The intense heat may cause the wood to warp, char, or release resins and other substances that could adhere to the air fryer’s internal components, making them difficult to clean and potentially compromising the appliance’s functionality.
  • Health Concerns: Burning wood can release harmful compounds, including carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde, along with fine particulate matter. These substances can contaminate your food and pose health risks when ingested.

Alternatives for Imparting Smoky Flavor

Considering the risks associated with putting wood in an air fryer, it’s advisable to explore safer alternatives to achieve a smoky flavor in your dishes:

  • Liquid Smoke: A few drops of liquid smoke added to your food before air frying can impart a convincing smoky flavor without any fire risk. Liquid smoke is created by condensing the smoke from burning wood and is designed to be food-safe.
  • Smoked Spices: Utilizing spices such as smoked paprika, smoked salt, or chipotle powder can add a smoky depth to your dishes. These can be applied directly to the food before cooking.
  • Smoky Sauces and Marinades: Barbecue sauce, chipotle sauce, and other smoky marinades can infuse your air-fried foods with the desired smoky taste. Apply them before cooking as per your recipe’s instructions.


While it might seem like an innovative idea to put wood in an air fryer for smoky flavors, the risks far outweigh the benefits. Fire hazard, potential appliance damage, and health concerns make it a practice best avoided. Fortunately, there are safe and effective alternatives for achieving that desired smokiness in your dishes, ensuring you can enjoy delicious, smoky flavors without compromising on safety.

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