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Best rice cooker for oatmeal

Oatmeal is a delicious, healthy, and wonderful way to start the day, especially on cold mornings. If you cook your oatmeal in a good rice cooker you can easily and simply make it perfect. Not all rice cookers are suitable for cooking oatmeal, however, and there’s a huge variety available, each offering different features (not […] Read more

Best rice cooker for sticky rice

Sticky rice is a personal pleasure for many of us during mealtimes, and an essential part of many types of traditional Asian dishes. There are special types of rice that are especially suitable for making sticky rice, but there are also certain methods and tools for cooking that will produce the very best results. Rice […] Read more

Best infrared thermometer for grilling

For perfect steaks, pizza, vegetables, chicken or anything else you choose to cook on your grill, an accurate temperature reading will help immensely. While some grills have thermometers on their hoods, those are usually quite inaccurate and only provide you with the temperature of the hood itself and not the surface temperature. With an infrared […] Read more

Best ice cube tray for baby food

Freezing your baby’s food will not just save you money, but also save you time and add convenience to your hectic life. There is a lot to consider when buying ice cube trays for baby food. Quality and price are important of course, but is that product really safe for your baby? Many trays are […] Read more

Best rice cooker for Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is a delicious variety of long grain rice, but cooking it can be tricky. That is where rice cookers come in. Jasmine rice, also known as “Thai Fragrant Rice,” was originally from Thailand, and is used all the time across Southeast Asia and the world. It has a mouth-watering floral, slightly nutty aroma […] Read more