How Big of a Smoker Do I Need?

Choosing the right size smoker depends on several factors, including how much food you typically cook, the types of food you plan to smoke, and whether you’ll be hosting large gatherings or smoking for just a few people. Here’s a guide to help you determine the size of the smoker that will best meet your needs.

Considerations for Choosing Smoker Size

1. Cooking Capacity

  • Personal Use: For individual or family use, a smaller smoker might be sufficient. These typically have enough space to smoke a couple of racks of ribs or a few chicken breasts at a time.
  • Entertaining: If you frequently host gatherings or plan to smoke large items like whole turkeys or briskets, consider a medium to large smoker. This will allow you to smoke enough food for a crowd without needing to cook in batches.

2. Types of Food

  • Variety of Foods: If you plan to smoke a variety of foods simultaneously (e.g., meats, vegetables, and cheeses), a larger smoker with multiple racks or chambers can offer the versatility you need.
  • Large Cuts of Meat: Smoking large cuts or whole animals (like brisket, pork shoulders, or whole hogs) requires a smoker with ample space and good heat distribution.

3. Space and Location

  • Available Space: The physical space you have available can also dictate the size of the smoker you choose. Ensure you have enough room to safely operate the smoker, considering clearance from walls and overhead structures.
  • Portability: If you plan to take your smoker to events or competitions, consider a model that’s designed for portability. Smaller, mobile units are available, but larger smokers can also be trailer-mounted for transport.

4. Budget

  • Larger smokers tend to be more expensive not only to purchase but also to operate, as they may require more fuel to maintain the desired temperature. Ensure the smoker size aligns with your budget for both upfront and ongoing costs.

Smoker Size Recommendations

  • Small Smokers: Up to 500 square inches of cooking space, suitable for individuals or small families.
  • Medium Smokers: 500 to 800 square inches of cooking space, ideal for regular family meals and small gatherings.
  • Large Smokers: More than 800 square inches of cooking space, best for large families, frequent entertainers, and those who smoke large cuts of meat.


The ideal smoker size for you should accommodate the quantity of food you plan to smoke, the types of food you enjoy, and the space you have available, all while staying within your budget. It’s often better to err on the side of slightly larger than needed to avoid limitations on what and how much you can smoke at one time. However, larger smokers require more fuel and maintenance, so balance your desire for capacity with the practical aspects of smoker care and use.

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