How to Bake Bread with Bread Flour

How to Bake Bread with Bread Flour


How to Break BreadIf you are going to bake bread you will need to use flour that is specifically made for that purpose. You will get better results than if you just use the common all purpose flour that most people keep in their kitchens.

Restaurants and bakeries that make their own bread, that everyone loves, use only bread flour to accomplish this taste. Bread flour is very basic and it doesn’t have many of the ingredients that all purpose flour does that makes it heavy.

Bread flour has high amounts of gluten in it so you should be aware of that in case you have a problem digesting this particular ingredient. It is the high amount of gluten that gives bread the structure and texture that you want from it though.

You will also find that this type of flour has some additional ingredients including barley, vitamin C, and potassium bromate added to it. You won’t find these ingredients in the regular all purpose flour and that’s why there’s a difference in the quality of the breads you bake.

If you want to be able to make the best tasting pizza dough then you should use bread flour in the recipe. You will instantly taste a difference in the quality of your pizza. In fact it will likely be so good that your family will begin protesting when you want to get pizza from a local restaurant instead of baking it yourself at home.

Yet bread flour isn’t something you want to put into just any recipe. You will find it doesn’t work well for dessert items. It will change the texture of cookies and cakes for the worst. Instead of being light and fluffy, they will be tough and have a chewy texture. That will be very disappointing, so carefully research the use of bread flour before you just substitute it.

You should be able to find bread flour at just about any retail store out there. This is a very common type of flour and it comes in bags of various sizes. This type of flour has a long shelf life so you don’t need to worry if you don’t use it all right away.

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