Ice Plus on LG Refrigerator: Enhancing Ice Production

In the realm of modern home appliances, LG has consistently been at the forefront, introducing innovative features designed to improve user convenience. One such feature is the “Ice Plus” option available on many LG refrigerators. But what exactly does this feature do, and how does it benefit users?

1. What is Ice Plus?

“Ice Plus” is a special feature in many LG refrigerators designed to accelerate the ice-making process for a set period, usually 24 hours. By engaging this option, the refrigerator’s freezing capabilities are boosted, leading to quicker production of ice cubes in the built-in ice maker.

2. How Does It Work?

When the “Ice Plus” feature is activated:

  • Cooling System Boost: The refrigerator increases the freezer section’s cooling performance. This heightened cooling allows the water in the ice tray to freeze faster than under normal conditions.
  • Extended Compressor Run: The compressor’s run time is extended, which maintains the lower temperature needed to boost ice production.

3. When Should You Use It?

The “Ice Plus” feature is particularly beneficial:

  • Before Parties or Gatherings: If you’re anticipating guests and foresee a higher demand for cold beverages.
  • During Hot Days: On sweltering summer days when cold drinks are in constant demand.
  • When You Notice Ice Running Low: If you find the ice bin depleting faster than it’s being replenished, the feature can help bridge the gap.

4. Activation

Activating the “Ice Plus” feature is typically straightforward:

  • Dedicated Button: Many LG models have a dedicated “Ice Plus” button on the control panel. Simply press this button to activate or deactivate the feature.
  • Indicator Light: Upon activation, an indicator light usually illuminates, signaling that the feature is currently engaged.

5. Things to Remember

  • Duration: Most models run the “Ice Plus” feature for a 24-hour cycle. After this period, the refrigerator returns to its normal operation.
  • Energy Consumption: While the feature increases ice production, it also slightly boosts the refrigerator’s energy consumption during its active cycle.
  • Doesn’t Overfill: Even with the “Ice Plus” activated, the ice maker is designed to stop producing once the ice bin is full, preventing overflow.


The “Ice Plus” feature on LG refrigerators is a testament to how modern appliances are adapting to the dynamic needs of users. By offering the ability to ramp up ice production when needed, LG ensures that a chilled drink is always within arm’s reach.

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