Best ice cube tray for baby food

Homemade food is super healthy for your baby
Homemade food is super healthy for your baby

Freezing your baby’s food will not just save you money, but also save you time and add convenience to your hectic life. There is a lot to consider when buying ice cube trays for baby food. Quality and price are important of course, but is that product really safe for your baby? Many trays are unsuitable for baby food as they contain chemicals that can leach into the food. We’ve put in the research for dozens of the most popular ice cube trays for baby food, but before suggesting the very best models we have a few pointers to guide you through the process of choosing an ice cube tray for baby food.

What makes an ice cube tray suitable for baby food?

BPAs, phthalates and other xenoestrogens, PVC, latex, nitrosamines, lead or other toxins can be present in small amounts in your plastic ice cube trays. While most of these are generally harmless to adults in such minute quantities, they can be harmful to the health of your baby. Food grade silicone or specially designed types of plastics are the best.

There are lots of different materials and designs for ice cube trays, but the best ones for baby food or breast milk are those made from a safe material, with babies in mind.Unlike when making ice, you usually just want one or two cubes at a time for baby food. It is important that the design allows for an easy removal of each cube individually.

Freezing food makes life easier for busy moms
Freezing food makes life easier for busy moms

Easy removal also means that the trays need to have lids that are easy to pop off and to put back on. You will be using these ice cube trays for baby food or breast milk, so the lid is important to keep the food safe from contaminants and freezer burn. It shouldn’t be too stiff or affected by shrinking and warping.

The size of the trays is very important too. Many freezer trays have too small portion sizes to make it useful for baby food, especially as your baby grows and needs more food with each meal.

Why buy an ice cube tray for baby food?

Freezing baby food will save you time and money. If you make a larger batch of baby food and then freeze it, you have portions of your fruit or vegetable purees already made and ready to go. Either buying in bulk or making more will be cheaper too.

The convenience factor is a major reason. With an especially designed ice cube tray, preparing meals for your baby is only a matter of minutes as you warm the food up. No more messing around with the blender (and cleaning it) every single day.

KIDDO FEEDO Baby Food Storage 

KIDDO FEEDO Baby Food Ice Cube Tray and Storage Container with Silicone Clip-On Lid - Free E-Book by Award-Winning Author/Dietitian - Orange This fantastic silicone tray is perfect for baby food. Specially designed to be nontoxic and easy to use, it has some great features. The 2.5oz portions are perfect as they hold enough so that as your baby grows you can fill them a little more each month. Buyers love the sturdiness of the silicone base, but say that the individual portions of food are still very easy to pop out.

See the KIDDO FEEDO Baby Food Preparation & Storage Container Tray at Amazon

The lid has been reviewed as not sealing well, but the company has included instructions on how to fix that problem. There were few people who had problems with the product, and all of them praised the customer service of this company, most receiving a replacement model within a few days. This is a very well designed product with overall great reviews and a very affordable price.

Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit

Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit, Two Reusable Baby Food Freezer Storage Trays - Perfect Container for Homemade Baby Food - Each Tray has 21 x 1 oz Cubes, 42 oz Total Capacity New Zealand made, these are a very well thought out design specifically for baby food. Made from non-toxic, virgin polypropylene (PP5), they are dishwasher safe and free from phthalates, BPA, and PVC – protecting the health of your child. Reviews show how easy it is to remove individual cubes from the tray due to their unique rounded design. There are 21 two-tablespoon sized portions in each tray, and the two trays are designed to stack nicely in the freezer with their tight fitting lids.

See the Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit, Baby Food Freezer Storage Trays at Amazon

The included recipes make it easy to get started on producing your own baby food when your baby is ready for solids, although these trays are also suitable for storing expressed breast milk. Only costing around the same as a week’s worth of processed, factory-made baby food, this freezer tray for baby food will start saving you money while helping your baby’s health in no time.

Ice cube trays for baby food

Using an ice cube tray for your baby food is a great way to save time and money, giving you quick access to healthy food for your baby. There are many different types available, and they are produced in a wide range of materials and sizes, with different features. Due to its outstanding design, size of portions, ease of use, sturdy and safe silicone base, combined with its affordable price, we recommend the KIDDO FEEDO Baby Food Storage as the best ice cube tray for baby food.

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