Best rolling pin for pizza dough

There's nothing better than homemade pizza
There’s nothing better than homemade pizza

Homemade pizza is wonderful for its incredible flavor and freshness. Making pizza is a lot of fun, but if you’re going to prepare your own dough, you really need a good rolling pin. Using that old wine bottle or a plastic pin you got at a toy store will both technically work, but the results will be lacking and you are just making your life more difficult. It can be frustrating trying to choose the right rolling pin for your pizza dough, but we have put in the research to explain to you the differences between them and why to choose which type. We also have a couple of the best-reviewed models to suggest you check out.

What makes the perfect rolling pin for pizza dough?

There is a lot to consider when you start looking for the right rolling pin for you. The main difference between rolling pins is the material. Wooden rolling pins have been the most popular for thousands of years, and not just because they are affordable, but because they work fantastically well. Marble pins are great for delicate doughs that need to remain cool, but for pizza the extra weight and awkwardness is a disadvantage. Silicone rolling pins sound great, but are not much more non stick than wood.

Actually, for making pizza dough a little ‘grip’ is a good thing, as it allows you to feel how sticky the dough is. For pizza, you want it both soft and pliable but a little sticky to the touch, so it is easiest with a wooden rolling pin.

What is the best shape for a rolling pin?

Making pizza at home is fun and therapeutic
Making pizza at home is fun and therapeutic

There are three main options in regard to shape. Firstly, a basic cylinder of hard wood is the simplest. Don’t write them off as too basic though – those were the main type of rolling pin I used in my many years as a pizza chef. The second most common option is one you have probably seen in your grandmother’s house. A medium sized pin with two carved handles on each end. They are effective but multipurpose and are not the best for pizza, especially because they are usually difficult to use and too short for a good, evenly rolled pizza.

The other main shape for wooden rolling pins is the tapered or French style. This is a long wooden dowel of an appropriate wood, but with a gentle taper at each end to make it easier to grip. These are usually very easy to use and are probably the most common type across Italy and France, used for all types of dough as well as pizza.

One feature that is useful, especially for beginners, is the ability to attach guiding rollers to adjust the thickness of the dough that is produced. This is often frivolous, but can be useful while training yourself to make your favorite style of pizza base and practicing different recipes.

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Why do I want a new rolling pin for pizza dough?

Pizza is a stretchy bread dough that is rolled out thin, before being topped with cheese or other toppings. It is essential to have a good rolling pin if you are going to make a good pizza dough. Even the most traditional pizzerias start the process with a rolling pin before stretching by hand. Trying to roll with a cheap plastic pin, or an old bottle will not just waste your time and effort, but will provide a poor and inconsistent result. Once you have a good pizza dough recipe and a good rolling  pin, making the perfect pizza pie crust will finally be in your hands. Your fresh and homemade pizza will be delicious. 

J.K. Adams 19-Inch-by-2-Inch Maple Wood Rolling Dowel

J.K. Adams Dowel Rolling Pin PRP-2 A hard and reasonably heavy rolling pin of the most simple yet effective design. Despite being ridiculously basic, reviewers say that it is a great tool that functions especially well for pizza dough. This is a similar rolling pin to those used for thousands of years and those still used in pizzerias across the globe.

See the J.K. Adams 19-Inch-by-2-Inch Maple Wood Rolling Dowel at Amazon

This pin is a 2-inch dowel of wood, made of hard maple to a high standard of quality, from a reputable and long standing company. While simple, this is a perfect tool to help get you making pizza like the professionals.

Ateco 20-Inch Length Maple French Rolling Pin

Ateco 20175 French Rolling Pin,20-Inches Long, Made of Solid Maple, Made in Canada This is a solid maple rolling pin made in Canada. The company Ateco has been well respected for over eleven decades and reviews show the quality is high. As a French style rolling pin with tapered ends, this is a great pin for almost all your pastry needs. Many reviewers say that the tapered ends are especially useful for producing pizza dough, and has a great result.

See the Ateco 20-Inch Length Maple French Rolling Pin at Amazon

While this wooden rolling pin can warp or crack like any wood, if you are careful with cleaning then you should not have any problems. Many users swear by this style of rolling pin being absolutely perfect for their pizza dough. This rolling pin has a great price for such top quality equipment and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. It’s an amazing choice of rolling pin for your pizza dough.

Rolling pins for making pizza dough

If you want to start making a great homemade pizza, you need a good rolling pin before you can get the best results. There are a lot of different types available but a well made, hard wooden pin with a decent length is the best for pizza dough. Despite its simplicity, we think that the J.K. Adams 19-Inch-by-2-Inch Maple Wood Rolling Dowel is the best rolling pin for making pizza dough.

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