Best pizza stone for Kamado grill

Pizza stones let you create a fantastic pizza that will impress everyone, and using one on your grill adds that special smokey flavor. Grilling a pizza with a quality stone on your Kamado also gives you a talking point to impress your friends.

Using a Kamado is a lot cheaper than building your own pizza oven, and it will still provide fantastic results. Your Kamado is already the best option for grills, and the great temperature controls will help you cook a perfect pizza.

Best pizza stone for Kamado grill

Pizza stones, especially those made of clay, function similarly to a traditional pizza oven. The high temperature of a pizza stone and the porous nature of clay will give you a nice crispy crust for your pizza.

Choosing the right pizza stone can be frustrating though. Not all stones are suitable for grills, and some are just poorly made. To help you out, we’ve researched into what makes a pizza stone great and compiled all the information together below.

We also have a couple of recommendations for the best stones to check out so you can get started with your superior pizzas. Using a Kamado grill with a pizza stone really will have you making the best pizzas of your life.

Kamado Grill Pizza Stone Comparison

Pizza Stones

There are a few different types of pizza stone that will do the job. The main thing to consider is the material used in construction. Even when we focus on ceramic and clay stones, it is important to realise that different ceramics and clays have different abilities.

A pizza stone is great for evenly cooked pizzas
A pizza stone is great for evenly cooked pizzas

Baker’s stones are an option, but need to be preheated for a long time before using, and are not the best for using on a grill due to their size and weight. Baker’s stones do tend to have a more even heat distribution, but even a cheap pizza stone will work wonderfully with the Kamado’s existing heat distribution features and ceramic dome.

Easily check the surface temperature of your grill with the best infrared thermometer for grilling.

Be aware that while even a terracotta roofing tile will do the trick, they also have the habit of dangerously cracking or exploding during heat changes as the moisture in the clay expands. You have already spent a lot of money on a Kamado Grill, so don’t skimp on your pizza stone and risk damaging the grill. Even the top stones available are still reasonable, at the cost of just a few delivery pizzas.

Why not cook pizza direct on the Kamado grill?

Pizza stone on grill with uncooked pizza
Pizza stone on grill with uncooked pizza

Kamado makes some of the very highest quality grills available. While you will get a delicious result from cooking pizza directly on the grill due to the ceramic dome functioning like a pizza oven, there are a few downsides to this.

First, pizza tends to drip cheese and toppings while cooking, and the dough is sticky (whether store bought or homemadesee this article to learn which rolling pins are suitable for pizza dough). Pizza stones will make cleanup a breeze, as most simply require wiping down with a damp cloth once they are cool.

Secondly, once you’ve tried homemade pizza that has been cooked on a ceramic or clay stone, you will never want to go back. The even browning and crispy base will haunt your taste buds after your first try. Combined with your Kamado grill you will soon be making the best pizza in the neighborhood.

Some of the best options


Pizza Stone for Best Crispy Crust Pizza, Only Stoneware with Thermarite (Engineered Tuff Cordierite). Durable, Certified Safe, for Ovens & Grills. 14 Round 5/8 Thick, Bonus Recipe Ebook & Free Scraper

CastElegance has a very well designed Pizza Stone with Thermarite. Thermarite is a heat treated Cordierite clay that will absorb more moisture and provide a superior heat distribution than other materials used for pizza stones, as well as improved durability. That leads to the very best and crispiest crusts.

See the CastElegance Thermarite Pizza Stone at Amazon

Buyers overwhelmingly have nothing but praise for these stones and their incredible resistance to thermal shock compared to most pizza stones. They are however a little pricey, but considering how unlikely it is to break compared to other stones, the difference is well worth it.

Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

This is a cheaper option, but nevertheless a great choice. Reviews show it has superior capabilities compared to many other pizza stones. Plus, the material used is made from the same firebrick material that duplicates the effects of an old stone oven. The unique design also helps to focus heat towards the center.

See the Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone at Amazon

Cracking from thermal shock is also unlikely with this great product. The manufacturer even claims it can go directly from the refrigerator to the oven. With a grill, however, it may be better not to risk such a sudden change of temperature. For such a fantastic price, this stone is a great option to consider for cooking pizzas on your Kamado.

Which pizza stone is best for you?

After spending good money on a Kamado grill, it doesn’t make sense to skimp a few extra bucks on a pizza stone to use on your Kamado. The special type of thermarite clay used in the CastElegance pizza stone is the main reason we chose this one as our top pick. The superior heat distribution and fantastic thermal capabilities make it the perfect pizza stone to use with your Kamado grill. Whichever stone you do choose, know that you will not be disappointed with the delicious pizzas your Kamado will cook for you. Enjoy!

For more recommendations on great pizza stones, check out this article on the best pizza stone for using on charcoal grills.

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