Best pizza stone for a charcoal grill

Everyone loves pizza - hot, fresh from the grill
Everyone loves pizza – hot, fresh from the grill

Everyone loves pizza! Instead of waiting for an average commercial pizza to be delivered, why not get outside and use your charcoal grill? Grilled pizza is a fantastic way to prepare personal flavors of homemade pizza for any meal or party. As the crust is cooking and the cheese is melting, the charcoal will add a delightful smoky flavor that cannot be beaten.

Although cooking pizza on a charcoal grill  can be tricky, it is not difficult with the right equipment. There are hundreds of pizza stones available, but even those that say they are suitable for using on a grill sometimes just don’t work well. There are several different materials to choose from, with varying thicknesses and capabilities. The price, even for similar products, can be very different too. Don’t give up! We’ve put in hours of research to find out what makes a good pizza stone for a charcoal grill, why you should get one and what to consider when buying one. We also have a couple of the best models to recommend to you.

Pizza stone buying considerations for charcoal grills

Just because a pizza stone works well in a household oven, doesn’t mean it will produce good results when you try it on a grill, especially charcoal grills. Size is important, so pay close attention before buying that it will fit within your grill with the hood closed.

There is a lot of debate about which material is best. Themost suitable options are ceramic, cast iron and cordierite stones. Ceramic stones have very similar properties to cordierite stones, but cordierite stones are more resistant to thermal shock – the most common cause of broken pizza stones. They both tend to produce crispier results than cast iron, as they absorb moisture from the dough while it cooks. One downside is you usually need to preheat the stone before use. That is less necessary with a charcoal grill though because the majority of the heat is coming from the bottom.

A pizza stone is perfect for home charcoal grilling
A pizza stone is perfect for home charcoal grilling

The advantages of a cast iron pizza stone is that they heat quickly and have no chance of breaking or cracking. They also have handles for making it easier to move in, out or around your grill. The downside for using a cast iron pan as a pizza stone is that they do not heat up to as high a final temperature. However, on a charcoal grill is can be difficult to get enough heat to the top of the pizza. So using a cast iron stone may be better for more even cooking, but the pizzas will take longer and cook differently compared to a ceramic or cordierite stone.

Why use a pizza stone?

Cooking pizza from scratch is great fun for the whole family. Pizza is always incredibly popular with almost everyone, and homemade pizza always tastes much better. For the price of a pizza or two from a cheap chain store, you can buy a stone and create hundreds of delicious, smoky and fresh pizzas. You also have the stone for making bread and other food, all of which save you money and taste better.

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One of the main benefits of using a pizza stone is that they eliminate hot spots in your cooking, so your crust will be evenly golden brown, crispy and delicious. If you have ever tried cooking pizza directly on your charcoal grill then you will know how difficult it is, and how stiff, unevenly cooked and overly smoked the crust becomes. It is easy to burn the bottom of your pizza without a pizza stone. Be aware that even with a stone it is very important the temperature of the dome needs to be at least as hot as the base, or your cheese will not brown enough.

Top pizza stones on the market

Heritage 15 inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone ​Pan ​and Pizza Cutter Wheel ​Set​ - Baking Stones for Oven, Grill & BBQ - ​Stainless​ ​& Nonstick This is a fantastic and stylish ceramic pizza stone that has  glowing reviews. One huge bonus is that this pizza stone will heat up to 50 per cent faster than some other stones available. It is perfect for use on the grill – especially when you plan to cook more than one pizza.

See the Heritage, 15 inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone at Amazon

You will need to hand wash this stone, but reviewers say that unlike the older types of clay pizza stones this one cleans up exceptionally well with very little effort. This pizza stone will cook your pizzas crispy without trouble, and once cooked the pizza crust will come loose and slide right off without scraping.

Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan 14 Inch

Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan-14” Skillet for Cooking, Baking, Grilling-Durable, Long Lasting, Even-Heating and Versatile Kitchen Cookware Already seasoned, this cast iron pan will make fantastic pizzas on your charcoal grill. In fact, cast iron is one of the most traditional ways of making pizza throughout Italy. A huge bonus this pan has over the ceramic and stone models is its extra multipurpose abilities. When you’re not baking mouth-watering pizzas on your grill, you can use it in your kitchen or on the grill to cook smaller items that might otherwise slip down into the coals.

See the Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan 14 Inch at Amazon

Buyers love its even heating and heat retention, as well as its durability and versatility. The surface is rougher than most cast iron pans because it is designed for use on a grill or oven, and primarily for pizza. At a very affordable price, this is a great option for cooking pizza on a charcoal grill.

Pizza stones for charcoal grills

Fresh, hot and crispy pizza is delicious, and it’s even better when you make it yourself. A pizza stone will save you money, and is fun to use. Finding the right stone that is suitable for using on a charcoal grill can be difficult. The right material and suitable thickness are the most important things, as well as if other reviewers have tested it when grilling with charcoal. We recommend the Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone as the best for using on a charcoal grill. It’s fast heat transfer and easy to clean surface make it stand out. Whichever model you do choose, you will love the delicious smoky flavor and crispness that comes with charcoal grilling your homemade pizza.

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